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Therapeutic Yoga Massage

Vibrate like Dynamic Yoga Massage (DYM)

Effective as Traditional Thai Massage (T.T.M.)


In this Course incorporates skills in Tradicional Thai Massage with ‘Western’ knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology integrated by Dynamic Yoga Massage. A traditional and modern therapeutic approach to the Body! Apply Yoga stretches directly with movement and body alignment.

You will learn the art of energizing the “QI” and eliminate body stagnantion.

The course is open to all practitioners of Thai Massage, Shiatsu, pilates, yoga practitioners/teachers and other forms of bodywork, who want to learn how to Treat and Cure by understanding first how to treat themselves and listening to the messages of the body to develop a deeper level of sensitivity.

Courses include:

* Manual-Digital
* ThayFussion Certificate
* Possibility of repeating the course in 12 months


Level I

Presence – Dynamic Yoga Massage

In this Course you will learn how to Adapt your movements to dynamic yoga stretch.

Using the weight of the body in aware way to disarm the protections that the emotional physical body unintentionally baits.

Level II

Touch – Therapeutic Vibration

In this Course you will learn how the movement can have therapeutic effects.
Through the law of the resonance, where everything is the consequence of a stimulation of Touch.

“The touch is the key to open up and decide to let go”.

Level III

Listening – Art of the Benefit

In this course you will learn the technique of deep listening and work on the techniques of longevity and benefits the wellness as discomfort can increase or decrease.

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